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Best Date Ideas in Greensboro: Fun & Romantic Things to Do for Couples –

Have you run out of new dating ideas? Your romantic life becomes more and more ordinary? Tune2Love is ready to pull you out of sameness.

We selected 10 romantic things to do in Greensboro for you. It’s your chance to add excitement, passion and zest to your everyday life.

If you are looking for some sweet and cute things for couples to do in Greensboro, this science center is worth your attention.

What they offer: aquarium, museum, zoo experience, aquarium BTS, penguin encounters, OmniSphere

Greensboro Date Night Ideas: Fun Things to Do for Couples –

It’s mid-spring already, and that means it’s high time to get out of your cushy places and go out! It’s OK if you have forgotten what it’s like to go on dates with your beloved person because of constant lockdowns. Tune2Love will remind you.

We made a list of 5 Greensboro date night ideas for you to get inspired. These are the best places to go crazy, to chill and to love. Enjoy!

The first point in our list of date night ideas Greensboro has to offer is The Comedy Zone.

This great intimate pl

Another Privacy Issue of Facebook. Is There Any Solution?

Another Privacy Issue of Facebook. Is There Any Solution?

Facebook failed. Again. It was recently revealed that FB has a privacy issue that led to the exposure of users’ data to thousands of apps even after the access expiration.

That issue has already been discussed back in 2014 and 2018 when Facebook let users pick up what personal information they would like to provide: email address or Dob and decided to remove apps’ access to users’ data after the 90 days of user’s inactivity on them.


15 Billion Stolen Credentials Are Now Traded on The Dark Web

15 Billion Stolen Credentials Are Now Traded on The Dark Web

Photon Research Team, an international team of experts in cybersecurity, found out the number of stolen logins that ‘wander’ in the Dark Web — 15 billions.

For 1.5 years, the team has been auditing the Dark Web forums and trading platforms to come to a distressing conclusion — the number of stolen logins and passwords has increased three times for the last two years. It’s more than 100 thousand breaches and 15 billion stolen credenti

5 Reasons Why Online Privacy Matters

Let’s start with a piece of digital culture critique. Along with the tremendous benefits of gadgets and WiFi, we get the huge surveillance machine to the bargain. What does it mean? You are constantly watched, monitored, analyzed, and profiled. Most of us are aware of that and don’t give a hoot relying on ‘I have nothing to hide.’ But it’s a radically wrong approach which will cost you much.

The Internet is not as secure as it seems at first glance. Read about The Myth of The Privacy and be pro

Data Privacy vs Data Protection: What's the Difference?

Data privacy and data protection are the two tightly intertwined notions that many people, even exercising information-related activities ones, confuse. However, the vital distinction exists, and underestimating it can lead you and your company to data breaches and leakage. We will help you avoid any misconception of data privacy and its consequences.

The core difference between data privacy and data protection

Any online security strategy consists of two parts — provision of data privacy and

The Biggest Data Privacy Risks for Any Business in 2020

The Biggest Data Privacy Risks for Any Business in 2020

The companies’ concern about data privacy and security is rapidly growing. While huge corporations like Google implement the highest security standards inside the company and out, small and medium businesses underestimate the risks and put themselves in peril.

As a result, we get the following statistics:

If you do not aim at becoming one of this 78 %, certain knowledge, and particular measures are required.

With this article, you will

Funny Passwords Ever Hacked

If you think that the most strong passwords are the most complicated ones, consisting of figures, lower case letters, symbols, and upper case letters — all together, you are right.

1gfdbd538_fwe6)j is the best option for your security. It seems that everybody knows that, but still, anecdotal evidence suggests that people do not care and continue to use weak passwords for their accounts. That, in turn, leads to data loss.

Ashley Madison is a much-hyped website for fast and no-strings … cheating

6 Common Types Of Cyber Threats!

As the world has moved on, technology takes a huge step into the future. However, risks are also increasing. First of all, these are Internet risks. Here, users face such a phenomenon as cyber threats.

A cyber threat is an illegal act. The main purpose is to steal user data, cause damage, or cause digital harm on the Internet. As a rule, each cyber threat reflects the risk of a cyber attack. A cyber attack is a planned activity on the Internet aimed at hacking or stealing user information. This

The Social Media Giants Age: How Your Data Makes Them Money?

The Social Media Giants Age: How Your Data Makes Them Money?

Our data cost more than oil. That’s our reality, not a joke and not an exaggeration. The data assets are the main resource of income. Income for such giants as Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Alphabet.

Let us explain: each your step online leaves digital traces — when you search for a meme in a browser, when you listen to music in iTunes, when you like a post on Instagram, etc. These companies get to know us faster and better.

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